«El bosque animado (2001)»

El bosque animado (2001)

Release Date: 2001
Genres: Animation / Family / Fantasy /
Country: Spain   
Cast: Nacho Aldeguer ( Furi(voice)(as Ignacio Aldeguer) ), Mar Bordallo ( Linda(voice) ), Claudio Rodr ( Carballo(voice) ), Juan Miguel Cuesta ( Pino(voice) ), H ( Poste(voice) ), Javier Franquelo ( Eucalipto(voice) ), Mar ( Encina(voice) ), Rafael Azc ( Casta ), Francisco Javier Mart ( Abedul(voice) ), M ( Sabela(voice) ), Luc ( Se ), Roberto Cuenca ( Se ), Pilar Mart ( Morri ), Jos ( Piorno(voice) ), Beatriz Berciano ( Luci(voice) ),
Rating: 5.5
;El bosque animado


Except when there's people around, the mysterious woods of Cecebre resound with the conversation of the various animals and even the oaks, chestnuts, birches and weeping willows. But men plant what seems a leafless tree, actually a telephone pole, which also sprouts a mouth but speaks like his human makers. A scientist decides to catch one mole, Linda, for his dissertation, but his bossy wife, a 'fashionable' ugly bitch, takes it and wants them all to make fur-coats 'now mink is out'; Linda's lover Furi escapes, learns the truth which the trees heard from the telephone wires and sets out to the rescue in the human world, where everything natural is abused...



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