«Dancer In The Dark (2000)»

Dancer In The Dark (2000)

Release Date: 2000
Genres: Drama / Musical /
Country: Spain    Argentina    Denmark    Germany    Netherlands    Italy    USA    UK    France    Sweden    Finland    Iceland    Norway   
Cast: Björk ( Selma Jezkova ), Catherine Deneuve ( Kathy ), David Morse ( Bill Houston ), Peter Stormare ( Jeff ), Joel Grey ( Oldrich Novy ), Cara Seymour ( Linda Houston ), Vladica Kostic ( Gene Jezkova ), Jean-Marc Barr ( Norman ), Vincent Paterson ( Samuel ), Siobhan Fallon ( Brenda ), Zeljko Ivanek ( District Attorney ), Udo Kier ( Dr. Porkorny ), Jens Albinus ( Morty ), Reathel Bean ( Judge ), Mette Berggreen ( Receptionist ), Bj ( Selma Jezkova ), Björk ( Selma Jezkova ),
Rating: 7.8
;Dancer In The Dark


Selma has emigrated with her son from Central Europe to America. The year is 1964. Selma works day and night to save her son from the same disease she suffers from, a disease that inevitably will make her blind. But Selma has the energy to live because of her secret! She loves musicals. When life feels tough she can pretend that she is in the wonderful world of musicals...just for a short moment. All happiness life is not able to give her she finds there...



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