«Dames (1934)»

Dames (1934)

Release Date: 1934
Genres: Comedy / Musical /
Country: USA   
Cast: Joan Blondell ( Mabel Anderson ), Dick Powell ( James 'Jimmy' Higgens ), Ruby Keeler ( Barbara Hemingway, aka Joan Grey ), Zasu Pitts ( Matilda Ounce Hemingway (misspelled Mathilda in opening credits) ), Guy Kibbee ( Horace Peter Hemingway ), Hugh Herbert ( Ezra Ounce ), Arthur Vinton ( Bulger, Ounce's Bodyguard ), Phil Regan ( Johnny Harris, Songwriter ), Arthur Aylesworth ( Train Conductor ), Johnny Arthur ( Billings, Ounce's Secretary ), Leila Bennett ( Laura, Matilda's Maid ), Berton Churchill ( Harold Ellsworthy Todd ), Bess Flowers ( (scenes deleted) ), Bess Flowers ( (scenes deleted) ),
Rating: 7.1


Multi-millionaire Ezra Ounce wants to start a campaign against 'filthy' forms of entertainment, like Broadway-Shows. He comes to his relatives families and makes them members of his morale-boosting campaign. But Jimmy, another relative is producing a show, starring Ezra's niece Barbara. But he had bad luck with his backer, this person has give him an invalid check. Another of his victims, the show-girl Mabel has the idea of blackmailing Horace, Barbara's father, whom she has met before in a slightly compromising situation to get the money.



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