«Dalaw (2010)»

Dalaw (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Horror /
Country: USA   
Cast: Taryn Manning ( Cassandra ), Rachel Miner ( Mindy ), Joel Michaely ( Alex ), Myke Michaels ( Gee Ming ), Melania Alex Bereny ( Cult member ), Robert Berson ( Owen Quinlin ), Glenn Dunk ( Bailey ), Courtney Fine ( Cult member ), Cazzy Golomb ( Mindy's Mother ), Fiona Horne ( Professor Estabrook ), Ricki Noel Lander ( Cult member ), Makayla Leone ( Cult member ), Sarah Lieving ( Cult member ), Kelli Mandruk ( Tara ), Nancy McBradley ( Cult Member(as Nancy McCrumb) ),
Rating: 6.3


While studying the differences between religion and cult in college, Mindy, who is the best student in the class, convinces her schoolmates Cassandra, Bailey, Alex and Morgan to research the massacre of worshipers of Kwan Yin by their leader Owen Quinlin twenty years ago in California. Quinlin had found an ancient amulet in Southern China that would give an enormous power to him after the sacrifice of human souls, but one woman resists and he is destroyed. However, after the death of Morgan, who apparently committed suicide, the students discover that Quinlin has returned and is chasing their souls with his amulet.



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