«Cyrano De Bergerac (1990)»

Cyrano De Bergerac (1990)

Release Date: 1990
Genres: Comedy / Drama / History / Romance /
Country: France   
Cast: Gérard Depardieu ( Cyrano De Bergerac ), Anne Brochet ( Roxane ), Vincent Perez ( Christian de Neuvillette ), Jacques Weber ( Comte De Guiche ), Roland Bertin ( Ragueneau ), Philippe Morier-Genoud ( Le Bret ), Pierre Maguelon ( Carbon de Castel-Jaloux ), Josiane Stoléru ( The Duenna ), Anatole Delalande ( The Child ), Alain Rimoux ( The Father ), Philippe Volter ( Vicomte de Valvert ), Jean-Marie Winling ( Lignière ), Louis Navarre ( The Bore ), Gabriel Monnet ( Montfleury ), François Marié ( Bellerose ), G ( Cyrano De Bergerac ), Josiane Stol ( The Duenna ), Jean-Marie Winling ( Ligni ), Fran ( Bellerose ),
Rating: 7.5
;Cyrano De Bergerac


A dashing officer of the guard and romantic poet, Cyrano de Bergerac falls in love with his cousin Roxane without her knowing. His one fault in his life, he feels, is his large nose and although it may have been a forming influence in his rapier-sharp wit, he believes that Roxane will reject him. He resorts to writing letters to her on behalf of one of his cadets, Christian, who is also in love with Roxane but just doesn't know how to tell her. She falls for the poetic charm of the letters but believes that they were written by Christian.



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