«Cruzando (2009)»

Cruzando (2009)

Release Date: 2009
Genres: Adventure / Comedy / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Mando Alvarado ( Diego ), David Barrera ( The Matador ), Tony Campisi ( Earl ), Janis Dardaris ( Grace ), Michael Ray Escamilla ( Manuel ), Maria Helan ( Maia ), Sarena Kennedy ( Taquita ), Nina Leon ( Earl's wife ), Gilberto Ortiz ( Hector ), Gerardo Rodriguez ( Ignacio ), Gina Sanchez ( Nurse Judy ), Diana Yvonne ( Chita ),
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What do you do if the day your first child is to be born is also the same day your father is to be executed? If you're twenty-six-year old MANNY, you use your father's impending execution as an excuse to flee the daunting responsibility of fatherhood. There's only one problem: Manny lives in Monterrey, Mexico and his father sits in on death row in Texas. Against his wife's wishes, Manny embarks on an ill-planned quest to cross the border to see his father, hoping that the trip will buy him time and insight into his upcoming responsibility. CRUZANDO is a road-trip tale about friendship, fatherhood, and self-discovery that winds itself through the distinct culture of the Texas-Mexico border. The film combines off-beat humor with pathos in showing a young man discovering who he is and what he is meant to be. Accompanied by his childhood best friend, he embarks on a journey in which he crosses paths with luchador coyotes, renegade cowboys, desert angels, and a host of others along the beautiful, surreal, and unforgiving border region known as El Valle. It's the story of Manny - a man who must confront his past in order to move forward, a husband who must overcome his fear of responsibility, and ultimately, a son who must learn to become a father. Crossing a border is never easy...



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