«Crushed Velvet (2011)»

Crushed Velvet (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Thriller /
Country: USA   
Cast: Laurie Love ( Dusty Velvet ), Ron Jeremy ( Stanley ), Davina Joy ( Nicole ), Richard Anderson ( Hacker ), Kimber Leigh ( Kathy ), Tenley Dene ( Talking Head Reporter ), Cami Spiegel ( Go-go Dancer ), Brian Ronalds ( Wink Philbin ), David C. Hayes ( Richards ), Wayne Farris ( Wrestler ), David Staley ( People's Temple Man 1 ), J. Lyle Johnson ( Hazmat Man ), Mario Guzman ( Seth ), Bivas Biswas ( Timor Zolanski ), Sallie Glaner ( Mother ),
Rating: 0
;Crushed Velvet


In a parallel dimension, censorship has been rescinded from all movies and television so people can do and say almost anything on TV. As a result, everyone in the country watches television day and night. It is a national addiction. Enter Dusty Velvet, whose husband has been "taken" for service in the national armed forces. The chances of him surviving are slim because wars have broken out all over Iraq & Iran and the only way to get him back is to "buy" him back from the military for $500,000. A new reality "game show" is on the air offering $1M for the contestant who can last sixty days in a solitary confinement chamber with nothing but a bed, table and toilet. A video camera watches each of the contestants 24/7 and it is the hottest show on television. Dusty Velvet is chosen as a contestant and is slowly becoming the newest "American Idol" for her antics inside the chamber. However, after a long period in darkness and isolation, things suddenly take a horrid turn for the worse in this tale from the darker side of reality.



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