«Cruel World (2005)»

Cruel World (2005)

Release Date: 2005
Genres: Horror / Sci-Fi /
Country: Italy    West Germany   
Cast: Ian McCulloch ( Commander Ian Hubbard ), Louise Marleau ( Colonel Stella Holmes ), Marino Masé ( Lieutenant Tony Aris, NYPD ), Siegfried Rauch ( Hamilton ), Gisela Hahn ( Perla de la Cruz ), Carlo De Mejo ( Agent Young ), Carlo Monni ( Dr. Turner ),
Rating: 3.7
;Cruel World


A ship pulls into New York Harbor with no one on board. The police find a cargo full of green pulsating eggs. Upon contact, the eggs explode spreading a green acid like substance that seeps into the skin and explodes. It is later discovered that the eggs are being manufactured in South America by a one-eyed Martian that grew from a tiny seed a former astronaut brought back from a expedition to Mars.



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