«Critters 4 (1992)»

Critters 4 (1992)

Release Date: 1992
Genres: Horror / Sci-Fi / Comedy / Thriller /
Country: USA   
Cast: Don Keith Opper ( Charlie McFadden ), Terrence Mann ( Counselor Tetra ), Paul Whitthorne ( Ethan ), Anders Hove ( Rick ), Angela Bassett ( Fran ), Brad Dourif ( Al Bert ), Eric DaRe ( Bernie ), Martine Beswick ( Angela (voice) ), Anne Ramsay ( Dr. McCormick ), Terrence Mann ( Counselor Tetra / Ug ), Martine Beswick ( Angela(voice) ),
Rating: 3.4
;Critters 4


Just before bounty hunter Charile triggers his gun to destroy the last two Critter-eggs, he gets a message that it would be illegal to extinguish the race from the galaxy. He's sent a transporter where he puts the eggs - unfortunately the transporter takes him with it and then gets lost in space. After 53 deep-frozen years, he's found by a private wreckage collector team under the unscrupulous Rick. On behalf of the mighty company Terracor they bring him to an empty space station - but Rick is curious and opens the box... so Charlie has work again, to keep the Critters from eating everybody.



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