«Cremaster 2 (1999)»

Cremaster 2 (1999)

Release Date: 1999
Genres: Drama /
Country: Canada    USA   
Cast: Alicia Silverstone ( Dee Dee ), Eion Bailey ( Sam ), Polly Bergen ( Rosemary ), Matthew Knight ( Trooper ), James Rebhorn ( Farmer Frieden ), Annabeth Gish ( Lydia ), Jonathan Potts ( Rick ), Martha Irving ( Val ), Aislinn Paul ( Amber ), Ted Atherton ( Ross ), Katie Griffin ( Naomi ), Marlane O'Brien ( Mrs. Gruber ), Jayne Eastwood ( Sarah ), Wayne Robson ( Brad ), Brian Downey ( Cee Jay ),
Rating: 6.6
;Cremaster 2


DeeDee returns to her hometown with her 11 year old son, Trooper, 13 years after she ran off with her boyfriend. Her childhood best friend, Sam, is now married and he and his wife, Lydia, are the town's veterinarians. Lydia is a little wary about DeeDee after Sam tells her that they were best friends growing up and DeeDee was his first crush. But DeeDee and Trooper find their way into many hearts of the townspeople with their sweet helpfulness and friendships. DeeDee sets up a candle making business in town square and invites many of the ladies of the town to weekly candle making parties, and through these parties she and Lydia become good friends. One evening after dinner with Lydia and Sam, DeeDee tells Sam she's very sick and she doesn't have much longer to live and she needs his help to find a good family in town to adopt Trooper. Sam later tells Lydia everything and they decide to adopt Trooper themselves if/when something happens to DeeDee.



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