«Creepozoids (1987)»

Creepozoids (1987)

Release Date: 1987
Genres: Crime / Horror / Thriller /
Country: UK   
Cast: Luke Goss ( John Dark ), Kevin Howarth ( Mortimer Shade ), Matt Lucas ( Dr. Elgin ), Carly Turnbull ( Albany(as Carly Jane Turnbull) ), David Baker ( Red ), Carrie Clarke ( Slik(as Caroline Ball) ), Cassandra Bell ( Rachel ), Michael Culkin ( Lardeson Dahl ), Jake Curran ( Lenny ), Steven Elder ( Mabbs ), David Gant ( Superintendent Maddox ), Hamish Hamilton ( Bollingbroke ), Elizabeth Healey ( Specs ), Dan van Husen ( Solly Tunkel ), Rhys Moosa ( Tommy ),
Rating: 2.8


When Detective Mortimer Shade is somehow killed in a freezer, a parasite called a grail possesses his body, revives him, but he needs blood to stay alive. His partner John Dark accepts the new situation and together they become vigilantes, judging and killing the bad guys, with Shade sucking their blood with his claw. However, Dark notes that Shade is losing the rest of his humanity and becoming a monster, being aware and afraid of the danger Shade represents to mankind and trying to stop him.



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