«Crazy With The Heat (1947)»

Crazy With The Heat (1947)

Release Date: 1947
Genres: Family / Animation / Comedy / Short /
Country: USA   
Cast: Pinto Colvig ( Goofy ), Paul Frees ( Oasis Soda Fountain Proprietor (voice) ), Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck ), Pinto Colvig ( Goofy(voice) (uncredited) ), Paul Frees ( Oasis Soda Fountain Proprietor(voice) (uncredited) ), Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck(voice) (uncredited) ),
Rating: 5.9
;Crazy With The Heat


Donald and Goofy are driving across the desert, apparently the Sahara. The car breaks down (out of gas), and they start walking. Before long, they are out of water, and are seeing mirages of soda fountains and icebergs. Fortunately, they find a camel.



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