«Crazy Over Daisy (1950)»

Crazy Over Daisy (1950)

Release Date: 1950
Genres: Animation / Short / Comedy / Family / Romance /
Country: USA   
Cast: Gloria Blondell ( Daisy Duck ), Dessie Flynn ( Dale ), James MacDonald ( Chip ), Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck ), Gloria Blondell ( Daisy Duck(voice) ), Dessie Flynn ( Dale(voice) ), James MacDonald ( Chip(voice) ), Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck(voice) ),
Rating: 7
;Crazy Over Daisy


Humming a merry love tune, dressed-up Donald cheerfully rides his unequal-wheeled 1890s bicycle to bring a bow-tied present to his dearly beloved Daisy. Passing the tree where Chip 'n Dale live proves a perilous hurdle: the rascal rodents make fun of him but can't take their punishment so mutual pestering goes on, till the scamps are caught and put to fitting hard-labor, powering a modified bicycle's wheels like hamsters in a wheel. However, once at Daisy's...



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