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Crash Landing (2005)

Release Date: 2005
Genres: Action / Crime / Thriller /
Country: USA    Canada   
Cast: Antonio Sabato Jr. ( Major John Masters ), Michael Paré ( Captain Williams ), Brianne Davis ( Rochelle Davis ), Kevin Dobson ( Henderson Davis ), Rene Rivera ( Carl Trenta (as René Rivera) ), Mercedes Colon ( Tanya, 'Cabin Crew' ), Patrick St. Esprit ( Pilot Craig ), John Beck ( General McClaren ), Adam Lieberman ( Lieutenant Edwards ), John J. Dalesandro ( Gustav, 'Cabin Crew' ), Eric James Virgets ( Karl, 'Cabin Crew' ), Paul Logan ( Josef, 'Cabin Crew' ), Steve Eastin ( Detective Cobb ), Sandra McCoy ( Melanie ), Haley Joel ( Jennifer ), Michael Par ( Captain Williams ), Rene Rivera ( Carl Trenta(as Ren ), Michael Paré ( Captain Williams ), Rene Rivera ( Carl Trenta(as René Rivera) ),
Rating: 3.7
;Crash Landing


A private flight for a billionaire's daughter and her friends becomes a hellish ordeal when the plane is overtaken by a team of terrorists, plotting to hold the billionairess hostage. But there is one thing the hijackers didn't count on - Major John Masters, who is also on board. Within a matter of minutes the situation spirals out of control, resulting in a wounded pilot, several dead, and a severely damaged plane. Now, Masters must somehow land the plane on a small Pacific island despite a category five hurricane if they hope to survive-that is if Captain Williams and his team can finish the runway in time...



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