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Cowboy and Lucky (2009)

Release Date: 2009
Genres: Action /
Country: USA   
Cast: Russell Clay ( Cowboy ), Chris Cox ( Lucky ), Nikki Donley ( Loretta Dunn ), Michelangelo Flores ( The Suit ), Brad Holbrook ( Dan Carlisle ), George Horsley ( Felix ), Kurt Krakowian ( Hillbilly #2 ), Chris Low ( Ricky ), Pilar Sanders ( Nanny ), Big John Snyder ( Axel ), Dianne Sullivan ( Featured Bar Patron ), Joel Taylor ( Roy ),
Rating: 0
;Cowboy and Lucky


Cowboy and Lucky are not the most subtle private investigators money can buy, but their knack for mischief and nose for trouble always seem to get the job done. Their reputation catches the attention of Lieutenant Loretta Dunn, an undercover Jackson City police officer, who secretly hires the brothers to help her take a part a powerful new drug cartel that is flooding the streets with a deadly new drug called Tempest. However, Cowboy's and Lucky's good fortunes take a dangerous turn when a failed bust reveals their involvement, and Dunn goes off the grid. Were they set up? Who wants them dead? And whom can they trust? Watch them tear through Jackson City looking for the answers, and see what they mean when they say "if it ain't broke......just you wait!"



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