«Countryman (1982)»

Countryman (1982)

Release Date: 1982
Genres: Crime / Drama / Mystery /
Country: USA   
Cast: Debbie Doebereiner ( Martha ), Omar Cowan ( Martha's Father ), Dustin James Ashley ( Kyle(as Dustin Ashley) ), Phyllis Workman ( Bakery Shopkeeper ), Laurie Lee ( Kyle's Mother ), Daniel R. Christian ( Factory Supervisor ), Misty Wilkins ( Rose ), Madison Wilkins ( Jesse ), K. Smith ( Jake ), Decker Moody ( Detective Don Taylor ), Thomas R. Davis ( Sergeant Davis ), Ross Clegg ( CSI ), Scott Smeeks ( Officer Smeeks ), M. Stephen Deem ( Pawn Shop Owner ), Leonora K. Hornbeck ( Tackle Shopkeeper ),
Rating: 7


In a small North American town, the middle age Martha and the twenty and something years old Kyle work in a doll factory. Martha nurses her old father and usually gives a lift to Kyle, who works also in the night-shift cleaning a shovel factory. When the young single mother Rose is hired to work with airbrush and stencils in the factory, she is befriended by Kyle and Martha. In a Friday night, Rose hires Martha to work as babysitter of her two year old daughter Jesse and Martha finds that she is dating Kyle. Rose returns back home early after stealing Kyle's savings, and Martha witnesses Jesse's father Jake accusing Rose of stealing weed and money from his house. On the next morning, Rose is found strangled in her house and Detective Don Taylor interviews Jake, Kyle and Martha along his investigation.



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