«Corpses (2004)»

Corpses (2004)

Release Date: 2004
Genres: Comedy / Horror /
Country: USA   
Cast: Jeff Fahey ( Captain Winston ), Tiffany Shepis ( Rhonda Winston ), Stephen W. Williams ( Jerry Gordon (as Stephen Williams) ), Robert Donavan ( Fred ), Melinda Bonini ( Helen ), Khris Kaneff ( Christopher Barnes ), Lorielle New ( Babs ), Andy Norsworthy ( Biker Don ), Thomas Crnkovich ( Biker Pete ), Tyler Jolley ( Baseball Zombie #1 ), Tim Trobec ( Baseball Zombie #2 ), Jim Whipple ( Baseball Zombie #3 ), Richard Courte ( Eyeball Zombie ), Jude Lanston ( Carjacker Zombie #1 ), Louie Hampton ( Carjacker Zombie #2 ), Stephen W. Williams ( Jerry Gordon(as Stephen Williams) ),
Rating: 3.2


The undertaker Fred is bankrupted and misses his former wife Helen. She has left him and is going to marry Captain Winston, whose daughter Rhonda is the girlfriend of Fred's assistant Jerry Gordon. Fred has accidentally developed an embalming formula that brings the dead back to life and he is able to control the zombies because they need a dose every hour to stay alive, otherwise they die. When Fred receives an eviction letter from the bank that intends to build a mall in the location of his funeral home with the agreement of Helen, he decides to use his zombies to steal money, pay the bank, achieve power and get Helen back. However, when Jerry accidentally drops the fluid of his formula, he loses the control of the situation in his mortuary and the dead seek revenge against him.



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