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Coopers' Camera (2008)

Release Date: 2008
Genres: Comedy / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Laura Dern ( Ruth Stoops ), Swoosie Kurtz ( Diane Siegler ), Kurtwood Smith ( Norm Stoney ), Mary Kay Place ( Gail Stoney ), Kelly Preston ( Rachel ), M.C. Gainey ( Harlan ), Kenneth Mars ( Dr. Charlie Rollins ), David Graf ( Judge Richter ), Kathleen Noone ( Nurse Pat ), Tippi Hedren ( Jessica Weiss ), Burt Reynolds ( Blaine Gibbons ), Lance Rome ( Ricky, Ruth's Lover ), Jim Kalal ( Tony Stoops ), Shea Degan ( Arresting Officer ), Vince Morelli ( Dr. George ),
Rating: 5.4
;Coopers' Camera


Ruth Stoops is a poor indigent drug-user (a huffer - inhaling glue and paint for a high) whose down and out existence is complicated once more by becoming pregnant (she has had and lost four children already). When a judge orders that she gets an abortion or face a felony charge, she is befriended by Gail Stoney, a pro-lifer whose husband is president of the local "Babysavers" group. Suddenly Ruth is thrust into the middle of the pro-choice/pro-life struggle, with each side wanting her to take their side as a "message" to others - and the situation escalates...



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