«Command Decision (1948)»

Command Decision (1948)

Release Date: 1948
Genres: War / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Clark Gable ( Brigadier General K.C. 'Casey' Dennis ), Walter Pidgeon ( Major General Roland Goodlow Kane ), Van Johnson ( Technical Sergeant Immanuel T. Evans ), Brian Donlevy ( Brigadier General Clifton I. Garnet ), Charles Bickford ( Elmer Brockhurst ), John Hodiak ( Colonel Edward Rayton Martin ), Edward Arnold ( Congressman Arthur Malcolm ), Marshall Thompson ( Captain George Washington Bellpepper Lee ), Richard Quine ( Major George Rockton ), Cameron Mitchell ( Lieutenant Ansel Goldberg ), Clinton Sundberg ( Major Homer V. Prescott ), Ray Collins ( Major Desmond Lansing ), Warner Anderson ( Colonel Earnest Haley ), John McIntire ( Major Belding Davis ), Moroni Olsen ( Congressman Stone ),
Rating: 7.3
;Command Decision


General Dennis of the US Force in England in World War II finds that he must order his planes deeper and deeper into Germany to prevent the production of military jet planes that will turn the tide of battle to the Germans. He must fight congressmen, and his own chain of command to win the political battle before he can send his planes out. His problem is complicated by a very narrow window of good weather necessary to allow his effort to be successful. Adapted from a stage play, it attempts to look at the challenges of command in the political arena.



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