«Cobb (1994)»

Cobb (1994)

Release Date: 1994
Genres: Biography / Drama / Sport /
Country: USA   
Cast: Tommy Lee Jones ( Ty Cobb ), Robert Wuhl ( Al Stump ), Lolita Davidovich ( Ramona ), Ned Bellamy ( Ray ), Scott Burkholder ( Jimmy ), Allan Malamud ( Mud ), Bill Caplan ( Bill ), Jeff Fellenzer ( Sportswriter ), Doug Krikorian ( Sportswriter ), Gavin Smith ( Sportsman's Lounge Bartender ), Lou Myers ( Willie ), William Utay ( Jameson ), J. Kenneth Campbell ( William Herschel Cobb ), Rhoda Griffis ( Amanda Chitwood Cobb ), Tyler Logan Cobb ( Young Ty ),
Rating: 6.3


Al Stump is a famous sports-writer chosen by Ty Cobb to co-write his official, authorized 'autobiography' before his death. Cobb, widely feared and despised, feels misunderstood and wants to set the record straight about 'the greatest ball-player ever,' in his words. However, when Stump spends time with Cobb, interviewing him and beginning to write, he realizes that the general public opinion is largely correct. In Stump's presence, Cobb is angry, violent, racist, misogynistic, and incorrigibly abusive to everyone around him. Torn between printing the truth by plumbing the depths of Cobb's dark soul and grim childhood, and succumbing to Cobb's pressure for a whitewash of his character and a simple baseball tale of his greatness, Stump writes two different books. One book is for Cobb, the other for the public.



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