«Cartaio, Il (2004)»

Cartaio, Il (2004)

Release Date: 2004
Genres: Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller /
Country: Italy   
Cast: Stefania Rocca ( Anna Mari ), Liam Cunningham ( John Brennan ), Silvio Muccino ( Remo ), Adalberto Maria Merli ( Police Commissioner ), Claudio Santamaria ( Carlo Sturni ), Fiore Argento ( Lucia Marini ), Cosimo Fusco ( Berardelli ), Mia Benedetta ( Francesca ), Giovanni Visentin ( C.I.D. Chief ), Claudio Mazzenga ( Mario ), Conchita Puglisi ( Marta ), Micaela Pignatelli ( Professor Terzi ), Luis Molteni ( Pathologist ), Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini ( Anti-Hacker #1 ), Alessandro Mistichelli ( Anti-Hacker #2 ),
Rating: 5
;Cartaio, Il


In Rome, after the abduction of a British tourist, the police inspector Anna Mari is contacted by the criminal, who self-entitles The Card Player, challenging the police department to dispute a video poker with him where the prize would be the life of the victim. The Chief of Police refuses to participate and the victim is tortured and killed in front of an Internet web cam. The British detective John Brennan is assigned to investigate the case and when another woman is kidnapped, they invite the addicted player Remo to play for the police. Anna and John lead the investigation trying to disclose who might be the serial-killer.



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