«Carmo (2008)»

Carmo (2008)

Release Date: 2008
Genres: Adventure / Drama / Romance /
Country: Spain    Brazil    Poland   
Cast: Fele Mart ( Marco Bermejo ), Mariana Loureiro ( Maria do Carmo ), Seu Jorge ( Amparo de Jes ), M ( Diamantino dos Anjos ), Paca Gabald ( Luz Guarany ), Rosi Campos ( Serrana de Jes ), Norival Rizzo ( Alberto Chagas ), Kiko Bertholini ( Lucio Mario Espinheira ), Nanda Costa ( Ros ), Tha ( Viviane Ladeira ), Clarissa Kiste ( Lenice Carbastaflor ),
Rating: 5.8


Marco is a lonely handicapped Spanish smuggler, driving through Brazil to sell out his cheap goods. When two bandits assault him and steal his load, he is miraculously saved by Carmo, a beautiful local girl who would rather die than spend another day in the hellhole where she lives. Carmo and Marco will start a lawless, reckless journey, and an intense romance through a breathtaking South American border landscape.



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