«Car Babes (2006)»

Car Babes (2006)

Release Date: 2006
Genres: Comedy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Ben Savage ( Ford Davis ), Jon Gries ( Gary ), Blake Clark ( Big Len Davis ), Donnell Rawlings ( Julius Jefferson ), Marshall Manesh ( Babu Gulab ), David Shackelford ( Pat Skis ), John Campo ( Dicky Deluna ), Carolina Garcia ( Alicia Santos ), Kevan Blackton ( Ron Hamper ), Stephanie Keeney ( Judy Gary ), Arj Barker ( Jimmy ), George Maguire ( Mayonaise Executive ), Amy Resnick ( Linda Davis ), Jeff Ingram ( Qunicy ), Heather Ashley ( Sheela ),
Rating: 5.1
;Car Babes


Ford Davis is fresh out of college and out of a job. After damaging a rental car from his father's car dealership, Ford is forced into working on the lot as a salesmen until he can pay off his debt to his dad, Big Len. While at the dealership, Ford befriends the other car salesmen, who refer to each other as "CarBabes," and quickly learns that selling cars is not easy. Meanwhile, a competitor across the street, Ron Hamper of Hamper's Campers RV Park, has had his eye on the Davis Automotive lot for sometime now. When Ron Hamper sees that Big Len is in financial trouble, he decides to strike and attempts to takeover Davis Automotive and make the dealership into a parking lot for his campers.



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