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Campus Radio (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Comedy / Drama /
Country: Canada   
Cast: Tom Belding ( Xavier ), Royce Boswell ( Hank ), Michael Bourland ( Singing Cowboy ), Stephen Bradford ( Eric ), Michael Brouillet ( Exec ), Isaac Cass ( The Kid ), Josh Cass ( Garrett ), Kathy Rose Center ( Innkeeper ), David Dettmer ( Emcee ), Jeffrey Frost ( Zach ), Anne Griffin ( Jolene ), Stephanie Jagst ( Crystal ), Drew Johnson ( Station Manager ), Rita Lee ( Dava ), Austin Lincoln ( Rapper ),
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;Campus Radio


When campus radio DJ, and indie-rock band manager, Xavier P. Thortenberry, discovers the lead singer of his band, has quit - he thinks he has troubles. But when a sexy young girl named Tommy, comes to audition as the new lead singer - his real troubles begin. Trying to keep a rag-tag band of wayward musicians together is challenge enough - being in love with the new lead singer is all but too much for Xavier. When his band is invited to the nation's most important music showcase, Xavier's troubles find their boiling point. Here, in Austin Texas, the live music capital of the world, the best thing that could ever happen, and the worst thing that could ever happen - both happen, and in the very same hour. And Xavier is left alone, to discover the real meaning of big words like Love and Devotion.



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