«Boxing Day (2007)»

Boxing Day (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Drama /
Country: Australia   
Cast: Richard Green ( Chris ), Tammy Anderson ( Donna ), Syd Brisbane ( Dave ), Stuart Clark ( Owen ), Catriona Hadden ( Cathy ), Misty Sparrow ( Brooke ), Ming Jeng Chew ( Himself ),
Rating: 6.7


Told in real time and shot as a single take, BOXING DAY documents the minute by minute events across the course of an afternoon in the life of Chris Sykes - a recovering alcoholic and estranged father. Living alone on home detention, Chris is preparing Christmas lunch for his family when an old friend turns up at his doorstep and reveals a disturbing truth. When his daughter, his wife and her new boyfriend finally arrive, the situation slowly and inevitability escalates and we are drawn into the compelling story of a desperate father who finally exposes the dark and disturbing secret that has torn his family apart.



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