«Best Boy (1979)»

Best Boy (1979)

Release Date: 1979
Genres: Documentary / Biography /
Country: USA   
Cast: Philip Wohl ( Himself (as Philly Wohl) ), Zero Mostel ( Himself ), Christine O'Connor ( Herself ), Frances Reiss ( Herself - Philly's Sister ), Ira Wohl ( Himself ), Max Wohl ( Himself ), Pearl Wohl ( Herself ), Philip Wohl ( Himself(as Philly Wohl) ), Christine O'Connor ( Herself ),
Rating: 8.1
;Best Boy


Portrait of a family in transition: a mother, a father, and their son, their "best boy." Pearl and Max Wohl live in Queens with Philly, their cheerful, engaging, and mentally-disabled son. For 50 years Pearl and Max have provided a loving home for Philly, but they're aging, Max is ailing, and they must figure out what's to happen to Philly when they can no longer care for him. Are there options besides an institution? Philly's cousin is Ira Wohl, whose camera follows the family as Philly takes steps into the wider world.



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