«Beneath the Cristo (2010)»

Beneath the Cristo (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Adventure / Mystery / Romance / Thriller /
Country: USA    Brazil   
Cast: Matthew Merlot ( Dwayne Love ), Karla Camargos ( Susan ), Natasha Blasick ( Katrina ), Claudio Ayres Da Motta ( Priest ), Katherine Murphy ( Nurse ), Amy Kay Raymond ( Newscaster / Cheryl ), Yumi Higoshi ( Miako ), Todd Lawrence ( The Crusher ), Ricardo Santos Asaza ( Ricardo ), Paula de Costa ( Patricia ), Natalia Gazolla ( Gabriella ), Antonio Gomes ( Geraldo ), Roberto Di Calafiori ( Rib Breaker ), Giovanni Mascitelli ( Ian ),
Rating: 0
;Beneath the Cristo


Dwayne Love navigates a mostly internal landscape fraught with the demons of his own making, and a priest locked in a crisis of faith who becomes drawn into Dwayne's struggle by his own need for atonement. The shifting timeline unfolds over what begins as a fractured series of dreams. Dwayne lays dying, badly burned, barely consciousness with no real memory of what brought him here. Together he and the priest unlock a reality far more unlikely than the visions that haunt him.



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