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Ben-Hur: A Tale Of The Christ (1925)

Release Date: 1925
Genres: Adventure / Drama / Romance / Action /
Country: USA   
Cast: Ramon Novarro ( Judah Ben-Hur ), Francis X. Bushman ( Messala ), May McAvoy ( Esther ), Betty Bronson ( Mary ), Claire McDowell ( Princess of Hur ), Kathleen Key ( Tirzah ), Carmel Myers ( Iras ), Nigel De Brulier ( Simonides ), Mitchell Lewis ( Sheik Ilderim ), Leo White ( Sanballat ), Frank Currier ( Quintus Arrius ), Charles Belcher ( Balthazar ), Dale Fuller ( Amrah ), Winter Hall ( Joseph ), Ramon Novarro ( Ben-Hur ), Nigel De Brulier ( Simonides(as Nigel de Brulier) ), Frank Currier ( Arrius ),
Rating: 8.2
;Ben-Hur: A Tale Of The Christ


Erstwhile childhood friends, Judah Ben-Hur and Messala meet again as adults, this time with Roman officer Messala as conqueror and Judah as a wealthy, though conquered, Israelite. A slip of a brick during a Roman parade causes Judah to be sent off as a galley slave, his property confiscated and his mother and sister imprisoned. Years later, as a result of his determination to stay alive and his willingness to aid his Roman master, Judah returns to his homeland an exalted and wealthy Roman athlete. Unable to find his mother and sister, and believing them dead, he can think of nothing else than revenge against Messala.



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