«Beachhead (1954)»

Beachhead (1954)

Release Date: 1954
Genres: War / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Tony Curtis ( Burke ), Frank Lovejoy ( Sgt. Fletcher ), Mary Murphy ( Nina Bouchard ), Eduard Franz ( Bouchard, French Planter ), Skip Homeier ( Reynolds ), John Doucette ( Maj. Scott ), Alan Wells ( Biggerman ), Akira Fukunaga ( Terrified Japanese Sailor (as Sunshine Akira Fukunaga) ), Dan Aoki ( Japanese Sniper ), Steamboat Mokuahi ( Malanesian, Island native ), Akira Fukunaga ( Terrified Japanese Sailor(as Sunshine Akira Fukunaga) ),
Rating: 6


On a Japanese-occupied island during World War II, only two soldiers remain alive after a mission attempt goes horribly wrong. Trapped on the island, they must escort a scientist and his daughter to the other side of the island where their ship awaits. They must battle nature, hard terrain, and advancing Japanese troops.



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