«Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)»

Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)

Release Date: 1959
Genres: Horror /
Country: USA   
Cast: Laura Nativo ( Vanessa ), Rhoda Jordan ( Christina ), Edwin Craig ( Frank Walsh ), Ike Gingrich ( Clint Jefferson ), Laurence Hobbs ( Jackson(as Hugh Laurence Hobbs) ), Suzan Spann ( Courtney McClure ), Robert Kimmel ( Stanze ), Christopher Irwin ( Bruce ), David Clark ( James ), Doug Martin ( Dr. Remsen ), Kari Betizer ( Debra ), Nita Nichols ( Julie ), Ron Petronicolos ( Chad ), Jeff Ryan ( Roger ), Jake Solima ( Eric ),
Rating: 3.1
;Attack of the Giant Leeches


On a small island off the California coast it's the Fourth of July and tourists are washing up dead in Babylon Bay, once again! In 1987, rumor has it that mysterious sea creatures called Aquanoids were responsible for 17 vicious deaths. The Mayor dispelled the sightings as urban legend to protect the local tourist trade. Join environmental activist Vanessa DuMont as her fight to save the endangered abalone on Santa Clara Island turns into a fight of her life. Will she save the island from the latest Aquanoid attacks? Or will the greedy locals let more innocent people be slaughtered?



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