«Apocalypse Domani (1980)»

Apocalypse Domani (1980)

Release Date: 1980
Genres: Horror / Thriller /
Country: Italy    Spain   
Cast: John Saxon ( Norman Hopper ), Elizabeth Turner ( Jane Hopper ), Giovanni Lombardo Radice ( Charlie Bukowski (as John Morghen) ), Cinzia De Carolis ( Mary (as Cindy Hamilton) ), Tony King ( Tom Thompson ), Wallace Wilkinson ( Captain McCoy ), Ramiro Oliveros ( Dr. Phil Mendez (as Ray Williams) ), John Geroson ( ), May Heatherly ( Helen ), Ronnie Sanders ( ), Vic Perkins ( ), Jere Beery ( Biker Leader ), Joan Riordan ( Aunt Tina ), Laura Dean ( ), Lonnie R. Smith ( Biker ), Giovanni Lombardo Radice ( Charlie Bukowski(as John Morghen) ), Cinzia De Carolis ( Mary(as Cindy Hamilton) ), Ramiro Oliveros ( Dr. Phil Mendez(as Ray Williams) ),
Rating: 5.5
;Apocalypse Domani


It starts off in Vietnam where John Saxon gets bitten by P.O.W. John Morghen who has been infected with some sort of cannibal virus. A few decades later in Atlanta, Georgia, Saxon wakes up from a nightmare flashback of what actually happened back in 'Nam. Saxon then receives a call from Morghen asking him if he wants to go out for a drink but Saxon refuses remembering the incident in 'Nam. Morghen has turned into a cannibal and is soon on the run after biting into a woman's neck. He barricades himself in a department store and shoots some folks with a shotgun. The cannibal virus spreads and soon Saxon joins veterans Morghen and Tony King along with some others to wreak some havoc.



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