«Any Old Port! (1932)»

Any Old Port! (1932)

Release Date: 1932
Genres: Comedy / Short /
Country: USA   
Cast: Stan Laurel ( Stan ), Oliver Hardy ( Ollie ), Julie Bishop ( Bride (as Jacqueline Wells) ), Walter Long ( Mugsie Long, proprietor of Ye Mariner's Rest ), Julie Bishop ( Bride(as Jacqueline Wells) ),
Rating: 7.2


Stan and Ollie check into a seedy hotel and help a young girl escape the clutches of the landlord (Long). They are forced to flee the hotel with no money and Ollie arranges for Stan to fight at a local boxing hall for $50. Stan's opponent turns out to be Musgy who uses a loaded glove. During the fight the glove is swapped and Stan triumphs only to find that Ollie has bet their fee that he would lose.



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