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Annie Oakley (1935)

Release Date: 1935
Genres: Biography / Drama / Western /
Country: USA   
Cast: Barbara Stanwyck ( Annie Oakley ), Preston Foster ( Toby Walker ), Melvyn Douglas ( Jeff Hogarth ), Moroni Olsen ( Col. William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody ), Pert Kelton ( Vera Delmar ), Andy Clyde ( James MacIvor ), Chief Thunderbird ( Sitting Bull ), Margaret Armstrong ( Mrs. Oakley ), Delmar Watson ( Wesley Oakley ), Adeline Craig ( Susan Oakley ), Chief Thunderbird ( Sitting Bull(as Chief Thunder Bird) ),
Rating: 6.8
;Annie Oakley


In a sharpshooting match, the manager of a Cincinnati hotel bets on the fellow who's been supplying the hotel with quail...who turns out to be young Annie Oakley. Result: Annie is hired for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (which is faithfully re-enacted in the film). She's tutored in showmanship by champ Toby Walker. But when Annie wins top billing, professional rivalry conflicts with their growing personal attachment, leading to misunderstanding and separation.



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