«Anamorph (2007)»

Anamorph (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Thriller / Crime / Horror /
Country: USA   
Cast: Willem Dafoe ( Stan Aubray ), Scott Speedman ( Carl Uffner ), Don Harvey ( Michael C. ), James Rebhorn ( Chief Lewellyn Brainard ), Peter Stormare ( Blair Collet ), Amy Carlson ( Alexandra Fredericks ), Yul Vazquez ( Jorge 'George' Ruiz ), Clea DuVall ( Sandy Strickland ), Samantha MacIvor ( Crystal ), Billy Wheelan ( Young Man ), Paz de la Huerta ( Young Woman ), Desiree Casado ( Teenage Checkout Girl (as Desiree F. Casado) ), Robert C. Kirk ( Heavy-Set Detective ), Robin Goldsmith ( Stone-Faced Detective ), Marcia Haufrecht ( Diner Waitress ), Desiree Casado ( Teenage Checkout Girl(as Desiree F. Casado) ),
Rating: 5.6


Stan is a quiet, solitary detective in New York City. A few months ago, he solved a gruesome case of serial murders, although an undercover police officer lost her life. A new set of similar murders begins: the bodies are elaborately displayed and the killer uses equipment from art and early movie making in the tableau, or he leaves a clue as to where the investigators are to stand to get the full artistic effect. Stan is paired with a younger detective, Carl, whom he brushes off when Carl wants to get to know him. As pieces fall in place, it's a race to prevent the next killing, quite possibly someone close to Stan.



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