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American Swing (2008)

Release Date: 2008
Genres: Documentary /
Country: USA   
Cast: Bryce Britton ( Herself ), Irwin Corey ( Himself (as Professor Irwin Corey) ), William Davidson ( Himself ), Dan Dorfman ( Himself ), Donna Ferrato ( Herself ), Joe Franklin ( Himself ), Jamie Gillis ( Himself ), Al Goldstein ( Himself ), Dian Hanson ( Herself ), Buck Henry ( Himself ), Ron Jeremy ( Himself ), Edward I. Koch ( Himself (as Ed Koch) ), Steve Kraus ( Himself ), Larry Levenson ( Himself (archive footage) ), Fred J. Lincoln ( Himself (as Fred Lincoln) ), Robert L. McGinley ( Himself (as Dr. Robert McGinley) ), Howard Smith ( Himself ), Annie Sprinkle ( Herself ), Melvin Van Peebles ( Himself ), Danny the Wonder Pony ( Himself ), Irwin Corey ( Himself(as Professor Irwin Corey) ), Edward I. Koch ( Himself(as Ed Koch) ), Larry Levenson ( Himself(archive footage) ), Fred J. Lincoln ( Himself(as Fred Lincoln) ),
Rating: 6.4
;American Swing


The parallel stories of Plato's Retreat, a Manhattan sex club for straight couples that operated from 1977 until the mid 1980s, and of Larry Levenson, the club's impresario. In present-day interviews, Larry's family talks about him, while writers, reporters, and clients talk about the club. Mixed with these interviews are still photographs and archival footage of the club, Larry's appearances on talk shows, and newspaper articles. By the late 70s, the club was in full swing, with talk of Plato's Retreats in other cities. By the end of the decade, tax problems had Larry in trouble with the IRS and changing mores gave the club a different vibe. Then AIDS became an epidemic.



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