«American Dreamz (2006)»

American Dreamz (2006)

Release Date: 2006
Genres: Comedy / Music /
Country: USA   
Cast: Hugh Grant ( Martin Tweed ), Dennis Quaid ( President Joseph Staton ), Mandy Moore ( Sally Kendoo ), Willem Dafoe ( Chief of Staff ), Chris Klein ( William Williams ), Jennifer Coolidge ( Martha Kendoo ), Sam Golzari ( Omer Obeidi ), Marcia Gay Harden ( First Lady Staton ), Seth Meyers ( Chet Krogl ), John Cho ( Frank Ittles ), Judy Greer ( Deborah Accordo ), Bernard White ( Agha Babur ), Tony Yalda ( Iqbal Riza ), Noureen DeWulf ( Shazzy Riza ), Shohreh Aghdashloo ( Nazneen Riza ), Dennis Quaid ( President Staton ), Sam Golzari ( Omer ), Marcia Gay Harden ( First Lady ), John Cho ( Ittles ), Judy Greer ( Accordo ),
Rating: 5.7
;American Dreamz


Martin Tweed is the host of a talent show called American Dreamz, and whilst he despises each new season, it's a hit with the ratings. Tweed decides it's time for a new and interesting batch of contestants, and sends out his team to find the weirdest bunch possible. Whilst all this is happening, the President of the United States is becoming more and more depressed, and relies on his Chief of Staff to talk him through everything, even into appearing as a judge on the TV show. Perfect news for the terrorists who use the talent contest as a way to reach the President.



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