«All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)»

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

Release Date: 2006
Genres: Horror / Mystery / Romance / Thriller /
Country: USA   
Cast: Amber Heard ( Mandy Lane ), Anson Mount ( Garth ), Whitney Able ( Chloe ), Michael Welch ( Emmet ), Edwin Hodge ( Bird ), Aaron Himelstein ( Red ), Luke Grimes ( Jake ), Melissa Price ( Marlin ), Adam Powell ( Dylan ), Peyton Hayslip ( Aunt Jo ), Brooke Bloom ( Cousin Jen ), Robert Earl Keen ( Keg Trucker ),
Rating: 5.9
;All The Boys Love Mandy Lane


The orphan Mandy Lane is a beautiful, virgin and pure teenager raised by her aunt, desired by her schoolmates and a close friend of the outcast Emmet. After the death of their high school mate in a pool party, Mandy befriends Chloe, Marlin, Red, Bird and Jake. Red invites the group for a weekend party in the isolated ranch of his family, with all the boys disputing who would succeed in having sex with Mandy Lane. They meet the henchman Garth that takes care of the ranch and he asks the group to go easy on the drugs and booze. In the middle of the night, a stranger wearing a hood attacks Marlin in the barn; when Jake seeks her out, he faces the killer, beginning a night of bloodshed and terror.



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