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All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Comedy / Romance /
Country: Australia   
Cast: Charlotte Gregg ( Anthea ), Matt Zeremes ( Michael ), Ryan Johnson ( Tyson ), Cindy Nelson ( Kath ), Gyton Grantley ( Jake ), Romany Lee ( Simone ), Sarah Kennedy ( Stephanie ), Christopher Sommers ( Kane ), Peter Nolan ( Mr. Ross ), Andrew Ryan ( Ash ), Neridah Waters ( Melanie ), Stephen Vagg ( Greg ), Francesca Gasteen ( Nat ), Michael Priest ( Aram ), Sandra Galvin ( Shayne ), Christopher Sommers ( Kane / Negative Man ), Sandra Galvin ( Shayne(as Sandra P. Galvin) ),
Rating: 5.2
;All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane


Anthea is undergoing a crisis of confidence: overworked, no boyfriend, struggling to find goals - and all her friends are leaving Brisbane. She is tempted to leave herself, but is opposed by her long time best platonic male friend Michael. Michael thinks people who leave Brisbane are copycats who follow the crowd; he is quite happy to stay in Brisbane, he is in a stable job and a stable very low-maintenance sex-with-the-ex relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie. He is in a rut. Anthea's temptation to leave Brisbane increases with the impending departure of her flatmate Kath. However she then hears that an ex-boyfriend of hers Jake is coming back to Brisbane to live. To Michael's annoyance, she dreams of a great future with him. Michael is thrown out of his comfort zone by starting a new relationship with a girl he meets at work, Simone. Slightly "alternate" and good natured, Simone is totally different from the sorts of girls he normally deals with, and he finds himself in a relationship over which he does not have total control. On her last day in Australia, Anthea and Michael finally resolve their feelings for each other.



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