«Alien Dead (1980)»

Alien Dead (1980)

Release Date: 1980
Genres: Drama / Horror /
Country: USA   
Cast: Robert Culp ( John Blake ), Samantha Eggar ( Joanna Blake ), Sheila Sullivan ( Luanna Baxter ), Mike Lane ( Fats ), Sue Hathaway ( Mary ), Ted Greenhalgh ( Hugh ), Clarence 'Big' Miller ( Jimmy ), Barbara Tremain ( Mrs. Olson ), Reg McReynolds ( Mr. Olson ), Walter Marsh ( Minister ), D. Goldrick ( Secretary ),
Rating: 2.2
;Alien Dead


Dissatisfied with the family architectural business, a man and his wife pack up and move out to his great-grandfather's old house in the country. While trying to patch it up, the house starts to make it clear to him that it doesn't want him there, but the local church (with some off-kilter practices of their own) seems to take a shine to him...



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