«A Serious Man (2009)»

A Serious Man (2009)

Release Date: 2009
Genres: Drama /
Country: USA    UK    France   
Cast: Michael Stuhlbarg ( Prof. Lawrence 'Larry' Gopnik ), Richard Kind ( Uncle Arthur ), Fred Melamed ( Sy Ableman ), Sari Lennick ( Judith Gopnik ), Aaron Wolff ( Danny Gopnik ), Jessica McManus ( Sarah Gopnik ), Peter Breitmayer ( Mr. Brandt ), Brent Braunschweig ( Mitch Brandt ), David Kang ( Clive Park ), Benjy Portnoe ( Danny's Reefer Buddy ), Jack Swiler ( Boy on Bus ), Andrew S. Lentz ( Cursing Boy on Bus ), Jon Kaminski Jr. ( Mike Fagle ), Ari Hoptman ( Arlen Finkle ), Alan Mandell ( Rabbi Marshak ),
Rating: 7.2
;A Serious Man


Bloomington, Minnesota, 1967: Jewish physics lecturer Larry Gopnik is a serious and a very put-upon man. His daughter is stealing from him to save up for a nose job,his pot-head son,who gets stoned at his own bar-mitzvah,only wants him round to fix the T.V. aerial and his useless brother Arthur is an unwelcome house guest. But both Arthur and Larry get turfed out into a motel when Larry's wife Judy,who wants a divorce, moves her lover,Sy, into the house and even after Sy's death in a car crash they are still there. With lawyers' bills mounting for his divorce, Arthur's criminal court appearances and a land feud with a neighbour Larry is tempted to take the bribe offered by a Korean student to give him an illegal exam pass mark. And the rabbis he visits for advice only dole out platitudes.Still God moves in mysterious - and not always pleasant - ways,as Larry and his family will find out.



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