«A Night Out (1915)»

A Night Out (1915)

Release Date: 1915
Genres: Comedy / Short /
Country: USA   
Cast: Charles Chaplin ( Reveller ), Ben Turpin ( Fellow Reveller ), Bud Jamison ( Headwaiter ), Edna Purviance ( The Headwaiter's Wife ), Leo White ( 'French' Dandy / Desk clerk ), Fred Goodwins ( Desk clerk at second hotel ),
Rating: 6.1
;A Night Out


Charlie and Ben pay a visit to a pub, then decide to visit a swanky restaurant. Now intoxicated, they come into conflict with a French dandy and his ladyfriend. The large head waiter violently ejects Ben, and later ejects Charlie also. The pair pay another visit to a pub, then make their way to their hotel. They become interested in a pretty young woman staying in the room across the hall, but when Charlie spies on her through the keyhole a bellboy makes him stop. Charlie is taken aback to realize that the young woman's husband is the head waiter from the restaurant. He promptly checks out and moves to another hotel. Meanwhile, the head waiter and his wife, dissatisfied with the service, also decide to move to another hotel-- and, unfortunately, choose the same one Charlie has chosen, and once more wind up in the room across the hall from him. When the young woman's dog runs into Charlie's room she follows in her pajamas. Her husband returns to find his wife with Charlie in an apparently compromising position.



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