«A Lawless Street (1955)»

A Lawless Street (1955)

Release Date: 1955
Genres: Western /
Country: USA   
Cast: Randolph Scott ( Marshal Calem Ware ), Angela Lansbury ( Tally Dickenson ), Warner Anderson ( Hamer Thorne ), Jean Parker ( Cora Dean ), Wallace Ford ( Dr. Amos Wynn ), John Emery ( Cody Clark ), James Bell ( Asaph Dean ), Ruth Donnelly ( Molly Higgins ), Michael Pate ( Harley Baskam ), Don Megowan ( Dooley Brion ), Jeanette Nolan ( Mrs. Dingo Brion ),
Rating: 6.4
;A Lawless Street


The marshal of Medicine Bend is tired and alone. Tired of killing to keep himself from being killed; alone because of an unspoken past disappointment. The realisation that someone in town is paying to have him killed and the arrival with a show troupe of the special someone from the past coincide to force more than one type of showdown.



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