«A Jitney Elopement (1915)»

A Jitney Elopement (1915)

Release Date: 1915
Genres: Short / Comedy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Charles Chaplin ( Suitor, the Fake Count ), Edna Purviance ( Edna ), Ernest Van Pelt ( Edna's Father ), Leo White ( Count Chloride de Lime, Edna's Suitor ), Lloyd Bacon ( Young Butler / Cop ), Paddy McGuire ( Old Butler / Cop ), Bud Jamison ( Cop with Baton ), Carl Stockdale ( Cop ), Fred Goodwins ( Undetermined Role ),
Rating: 5.7
;A Jitney Elopement


Edna's father wants her to marry wealthy Count He-Ha. Charlie, Edna's true love, impersonates the Count at dinner, but the real Count shows up and Charlie is thrown out. Later on Charlie and Edna are chased by her father, The Count, and three policeman. The pursuers drive off a pier.



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