«A Christmas Proposal (2008)»

A Christmas Proposal (2008)

Release Date: 2008
Genres: Comedy / Romance /
Country: Canada   
Cast: Benjamin Ratner ( Rob ), Angela Vint ( Melanie ), Kari Matchett ( Page ), Sergio Di Zio ( Steve ), Carolyn Taylor ( Lisa ), Marqus Bobesich ( Glen ), Scott McLaren ( The Interviewer ), Tamara Levitt ( Drunk Girl 1 ), Brooke D'Orsay ( Sandy ), Chuck Shamata ( Rob's Dad ),
Rating: 5.1
;A Christmas Proposal


19 Months takes a comic look at a young couple who believe that romantic love has an expiry date. Rather than stay in a relationship past its due date they have decided to break up. In order to avoid the usual pain, jealousy and loneliness so many others go through during a break up Rob and Melanie have agreed to stay together until each of them has found a new partner. So confident are they in this process they have invited a documentary filmmaker to help show the world their "new and better way." Unfortunately for Rob and Melanie they are about to show the world something entirely different.



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