«A Bug And A Bag Of Weed (2006)»

A Bug And A Bag Of Weed (2006)

Release Date: 2006
Genres: Comedy /
Country: Canada   
Cast: Chris Cuthbertson ( Peter Jordan ), Drew Hagen ( Stan Stanley ), Nico Lorenzutti ( Willie Gopher ), Shawn Duggan ( Mike ), George Green ( Ron ), Christopher Shyer ( Rommel ), Renee Abbott ( Moss ), Nigel Bennett ( Henry Tyler ), Ryan Scott Greene ( Marcel ), Ray Brimicombe ( Andrew ), Veronica Reynolds ( News Reporter Nancy ), Sebastian Spence ( Frehley ), Amy Kerr ( Mandy ), Kristin Langille ( April ), Mary Colin Chisolm ( Mrs. Bercovich ), Mary-Colin Chisholm ( Mrs. Bercovich ),
Rating: 3.7
;A Bug And A Bag Of Weed


Peter Jordan is 33 years old and stuck in a dead end retail job at Super Duper Computers. To make matters worse, he's managed to rack up over $35,000 worth of debt. Student Loans, credit cards, Big Screen TV. His love life is equally in debt. Just when it seems he will never break out of his rut, an old high school buddy named Frehley shows up unexpectedly. Under Frehley's influence, Peter takes large cash advances on his newest credit card to go out every night. He even purchases his dream car, a classic '72 Volkswagen Bug. Frehley's easygoing take on life soon begins to affect Peter's co-workers as well. Before long Peter and his buddies Stan and Willie are having the time of their life. Not only are they meeting women, they're finally picking them up as well! When complications arise, Frehley disappears as quickly as he arrived, leaving a hockey bag full of pot in Peter's apartment...



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