«A Bronx Tale (1993)»

A Bronx Tale (1993)

Release Date: 1993
Genres: Crime / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Robert De Niro ( Lorenzo Anello ), Chazz Palminteri ( Sonny LoSpecchio ), Lillo Brancato ( Calogero 'C' Anello (age 17) ), Francis Capra ( Calogero 'C' Anello (age 9) ), Taral Hicks ( Jane Williams ), Kathrine Narducci ( Rosina Anello ), Clem Caserta ( Jimmy Whispers ), Alfred Sauchelli Jr. ( Bobby Bars ), Frank Pietrangolare ( Danny K.O ), Joe Pesci ( Carmine ), Robert D'Andrea ( Tony Toupee ), Eddie Montanaro ( Eddie Mush ), Fred Fischer ( JoJo the Whale ), Dave Salerno ( Frankie Coffeecake ), Joe D'Onofrio ( Slick (Age 17) ), Robert D'Andrea ( Tony Toupee ), Joe D'Onofrio ( Slick (Age 17) ),
Rating: 7.7
;A Bronx Tale


Gangster Sonny is the big man in Calogero's Bronx neighborhood. A shooting witnessed by Calogero is the starting point of a lasting bond between the gangster and the small boy. Father (bus driver Lorenzo), however, disap- proves. Calogero grows up under the wings of both men, torn between his own natural honesty and his fascination with Sonny. C's neighborhood cronies get involved in theft, use of guns, racial fights. When C meets girl, things don't become easier. C's leap to manhood is marked by tragedy, but also by his recognition of the many faces of love.



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