«A Boy and His Dog (1975)»

A Boy and His Dog (1975)

Release Date: 1975
Genres: Action / Biography / Western /
Country: USA   
Cast: Jeff Bridges ( James Butler 'Wild Bill' Hickok ), Ellen Barkin ( Calamity Jane ), John Hurt ( Charley Prince ), Diane Lane ( Susannah Moore ), Keith Carradine ( Buffalo Bill Cody ), David Arquette ( Jack McCall ), Christina Applegate ( Lurline Newcomb ), Bruce Dern ( Will Plummer ), James Gammon ( California Joe ), Marjoe Gortner ( Preacher ), James Remar ( Donnie Lonigan ), Karen Huie ( Song Lew ), Steve Reevis ( Sioux Chief ), Robert Knott ( Dave Tutt ), Pato Hoffmann ( Cheyenne Leader ),
Rating: 6.6
;A Boy and His Dog


Wild Bill Hickok, famed lawman and gunman of the Old West, is haunted by his past and his reputation. He is loved by, but cannot love, Calamity Jane. Dogging his trail is young Jack McCall, who blames Bill for abandoning the boy's mother and destroying her life. McCall has sworn to kill Bill, and Bill's ghosts, his failing eyesight, and his fondness for opium may make McCall's task easier.



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