«A Big Hand For The Little Lady (1966)»

A Big Hand For The Little Lady (1966)

Release Date: 1966
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Western /
Country: USA   
Cast: Henry Fonda ( Meredith ), Joanne Woodward ( Mary ), Jason Robards ( Henry P.G. Drummond ), Paul Ford ( C.P. Ballinger ), Charles Bickford ( Benson Tropp ), Burgess Meredith ( Doc Joseph Scully ), Kevin McCarthy ( Otto Habershaw ), Robert Middleton ( Dennis Wilcox ), John Qualen ( Jesse Buford ), Jean-Michel Michenaud ( Jackie Meredith (as Gerald Michenaud) ), James Berwick ( Sam Rhine (as James Kenny) ), Allen Collins ( Toby ), Jim Boles ( Pete ), Virginia Gregg ( Mrs. Drummond ), Chester Conklin ( Chester ), Jean-Michel Michenaud ( Jackie Meredith(as Gerald Michenaud) ), James Berwick ( Sam Rhine(as James Kenny) ),
Rating: 7.2
;A Big Hand For The Little Lady


A naive couple and a child arrive to the town on the way to San Antonio, Texas to buy a farm there. There is a poker game between the richest men in the region. The man cannot resist it and though he is a very bad poker player, enters the game betting all the money of his family. In the climax of the game he suffers a heart-attack. His wife then takes his place in the table. That's the only way of recovering their savings. But there is a little problem. Can anybody explain her how to play poker?



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