«13 Rue Madeleine (1947)»

13 Rue Madeleine (1947)

Release Date: 1947
Genres: Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller / War /
Country: USA   
Cast: James Cagney ( Robert Emmett 'Bob' Sharkey ), Annabella ( Suzanne de Beaumont ), Richard Conte ( William H. 'Bill' O'Connell ), Frank Latimore ( Jeff Lassiter ), Walter Abel ( Charles Gibson ), Melville Cooper ( Pappy Simpson ), Sam Jaffe ( Mayor Galimard ), Dick Gordon ( Psychiatrist (scenes deleted) ), Horace McMahon ( Burglary Instructor (scenes deleted) ), Dick Gordon ( Psychiatrist(scenes deleted) ), Horace McMahon ( Burglary Instructor(scenes deleted) ),
Rating: 6.9
;13 Rue Madeleine


Documentary-style prologue follows training of O.S.S. agents for WWII work behind enemy lines. One of the group is a German "mole;" leaders Gibson and Sharkey are aware of this and scheme to feed him false info about the invasion of Europe, while the real agents go to France to find a secret V-2 rocket depot. But the German spy outsmarts them and rejoins his people knowing too much; Bob Sharkey takes the risk of going in after him.



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