«Zift (2008)»

Zift (2008)

Release Date: 2008
Genres: Action / Drama / Thriller / War /
Country: USA   
Cast: Tala Birell ( Yvette Aubert ), William Henry ( Major Von Arnheim ), Richard Loo ( Colonel Noyama ), Virginia Christine ( Claire Adams ), Bernadene Hayes ( Frau Thaler(as Bernadine Hayes) ), Gordon Richards ( Colonel Von Meyer ), Frances Chung ( Li Ling ), Jean Brooks ( Maya ), Kathy Frye ( Helen James ), Helen Mowery ( Shiela Hallett ), Benson Fong ( Chang ), Helen Brown ( Mrs. Angela James ), Frederick Giermann ( Major Eisel ), Philip Ahn ( Professor Kunioshi(as Phillip Ahn) ), Arno Frey ( Field Marshall Von Runzel ),
Rating: 7.2


Six women from the main Allied Nations battling the German-Japanese Axis in WW2 are arrested by the Germans in Shanghai University, under the false accusation they are accomplices of the killing of a German officer in the Hospital. Two Asian women will join the group, and eventually it is revealed that there are at least three underground spies amongst the small group. Some will survive, others will die heroic deaths for their religious beliefs, nationalist ideals, or the sake of humankind.



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